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        Bridge Media

        Chinese Venture

        Chinese Venture was founded in December 2006, it reports major events, industry trends, investment opportunities, and trending investors in the private equity investment field of China. The magazine has a reader base of 55,000 and is retailed at 13 major airports and 2,000 bookstores.

        China Bridge Website

        Keep abreast of hot spots in investment and financing markets. We will provide you with timely, convenient, professional investment and financing information. Daily breakthrough PV 170 thousand +, UV 50 thousand +.

        Bridge Media all-media matrix

        Established deep strategic cooperative relationships with third-party media open platforms, including Toutiao, Tencent, Sina, netease, sohu, etc., and accumulated more than 200,000 followers.

        China Bridge WeChat

        Focus on investment and financing capital market, provide the latest industry observation, capital market analysis. The number of subscribers broke through: 320,000 +, the highest reading volume of a single article: 800,000 +.

        China Bridge WeiBo

        Gather knowledgeable people who pay attention to financial news and serve for independent thinking. The number of followers broke through: 370,000 +, and the highest reading volume of a single article broke through 12 million +.

        China Bridge EDM

        Accurate vertical field elites, management, including but not limited to government, enterprises, investment institutions, media groups, etc., the total number of more than 450,000.


        Bridge Events

        Bridge Brand Conference

        China Bridge has held over 200 events so far. It has become one of the most influential platforms among investors, enterprises, and the governments, as well as an important conference for understanding industry trends and exploring cooperation opportunities. China Bridge Events include Annual Equity Investment Conference, Industrial Investment Summits, Investment Seminars, and other customized events. learn more

        Customized events

        Relied on its in-depth integration of markets, industry resources, professional business experience, and skilled conference affairs operations, China Bridge has hosted a lot of investment summits, salons, entrepreneurial innovation conferences, and others customized events for international and domestic clients. learn more


        Bridge Research

        Bridge Research mainly focuses on providing consulting services, industry research reports, and data analysis to the listed companies, professional fund managers, and governments. Bridge Research aims to discover new investment opportunities and problem-solving solutions for our clients.

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        Bridge Consulting

        Based on an in-depth understanding of the market and professional insight, Bridge Consultancy offers various consultancy services, such as industry research, marketing research, investment research, due diligence, and post-investment management. Based on China Bridge's abundant industry expert resources, Bridge Consultancy provides clients with fast, efficient, professional, accurate, and customized consulting services. We help customers discover opportunities, verify hypotheses, implement, and deliver, hold the overall situation, and improve decision-making effectively.


        Bridge Capital

        With profound industry resources and extensive networks of projects and investors, Bridge Capital is committed to providing one-stop investment and financing advisory services. Deals include M&A, fundraising, PE investment, and IPO advisory. The amount of deals of a total transaction value of over USD 1.2 billion.

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